Create Facebook Ads for Real Estate to Target Chinese Buyers

Create Facebook Ads for Real Estate

Are you ready to learn how to create Facebook ads for real estate to target Chinese buyers? With digitalization conquering every part of our lives, a modern website combined with an integrated online strategy is essential for the success of any company.

This is true for all sectors, not only digital-native start-ups and high-tech super companies. In this week’s China Gravy blog article, we will take a closer look at Facebook ads in China.

The language barrier could seem like a challenge to overcome, but China Gravy can aid you with language solutions and demonstrate just how easy and fruitful real estate Facebook Ads can be for your business, focusing on the large markets of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Find out how to create the best Facebook Ads for real estate to achieve your individual goals!

Isn’t Facebook Blocked in China?

Yes, Facebook and several other international online platforms are blocked in China. That’s why so far the China digital marketing industry may have overlooked Facebook ads and their potential when it comes to the Chinese market. We believe there is a high potential. Here’s why:

Most overseas Chinese (around 50 million) use Facebook. Besides, in mainland China, many young people, often from the emerging middle class, access this popular social media network via VPN connections. Finally, in the Greater China Area, outside of mainland China, Facebook is not blocked and can be accessed normally. These markets (Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong) are home to around 37 million people.

Therefore, Facebook Ads show enormous potential with a high value for money. As they have been overlooked in the past, the bidding competition for ads is low therefore ad prices are very affordable, reaching millions of ready-to-buy Chinese consumers in the Greater China Area and around the world.

We will reveal how a digital marketing agency can help you skyrocket your real estate business and attract Chinese consumers with Chinese ads on Facebook.

Create Facebook Ads for Real Estate to Boost Your Business

Of course, you know the giant social media company Facebook with its subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp.

But did you know that in the United States, people spend as much as 20% of their mobile time on Facebook or Instagram to play, chat with their friends, or simply browse? Furthermore, Facebook is the top social media site in the world, with more than two billion users worldwide on average per month?

This makes it a worthwhile platform for advertisers to engage with their brand’s target audience, and to boost leads and sales. In 2018, Facebook’s worldwide revenue from advertising was more than 55 billion USD.

You already know that Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. Specific targeting and call-to-action buttons are only a few reasons why Facebook Ads are a powerful online marketing tool. They further allow you to find new qualified leads easily and have highly effective remarketing options to capture push-on-the-fence audiences.

As more Chinese are using the Western platforms to discover brands and explore real estate options to gain more global freedom, it is surprising that more real estate agents are not using these digital tools to target this particular immigration audience. Continue reading to find out how to utilize real estate Facebook Ads to reach more Chinese consumers.

Is it worth the cost? Social media is the most cost-effective form of communication. With an average cost-per-click rate (CPC) of 1.86 USD and a cost-per-thousand-views (CPM) of 11.20 USD, Facebook Advertisement is worth the money.

Social Media Marketing is also an integral part of Digitalization – an important digital trend with real value and benefits for your business. So if you want to create Facebook ads for real estate, which ad types are there, and which benefits do they have?

Create Facebook Ads for Real Estate: 11 Facebook Ad Types

A Facebook campaign can contain several Facebook Ads and it has a unique objective. Facebook Ads can only be set up on Facebook Business Pages, not on a personal page. Turn Facebook Ads into traffic for your website, increased sales, and other kinds of leads like newsletter sign up>. Use a Facebook Ads Manager to set up your campaign with just a few clicks.

Setting up a Facebook Business Page is free and easy. Simply create a Business Manager account to run paid ads for your page. How your Facebook Ad appears creatively (text, video, dynamic product ads, carousel, etc.) is called the Facebook Ad Format.

Here is your Facebook Ads guide with advertisement options for real estate to increase your brand awareness and generate sales for real estate marketing, all adaptable to varying individual goals and budgets.

  1. App Engagement
  2. Brand Awareness
  3. Reach Ads
  4. Website Conversions
  5. Clicks to Website
  6. Event Ads
  7. Offer Ads
  8. Lead Generations Ads
  9. Page Likes
  10. Post Engagements
  11. Messenger Ads

Let’s look at these Facebook ads types in detail now as it relates to real estate marketing.

1. App Engagement

App Engagement ads help you to reach people who already use your mobile app and encourage them to take action. Set a call-to-action for specific features like shopping, playing, or booking views for real estate property. 

2. Brand Awareness for your Real Estate Business

If you want to expose as many people as possible to your brand and real estate products or services, Brand Awareness Ads are the right tool for you.

Real Estate Ads on Facebook Reach

They can be used for any campaign, but are most effective with special content. For example, you can draw people’s attention with creative or colorful images and videos that relate to real estate buying guides and listings.

3. Reach Ads

Reach Ads are the best choice to connect with your audience on Facebook and Instagram when they are close to your business location. Find customers based on language, demographics, and budget, perfect for helping interested buyers select properties based on their desired location.

4. Real Estate Website Conversions

This Facebook Ads type aims at encouraging users to click on ads and convert to your website immediately to grow sales, prompt an action, and increase traffic.

Website Conversion Ads work well with the Facebook pixel on your website, making it easy for social media users to access your website and more in-depth real estate information.

5. Clicks to Website

For traffic-oriented campaigns, the Click to Website Ad type is a great choice. Send users to specific blog posts, site pages, or product offers in a variety of creative formats like an image carousel or canvas mobile ad.

From articles on what consumers need to know about real estate trends and news to images of the newest property listings, this type of ad is great for real estate businesses to lead consumers to their website.

If you have an event coming up such as an open house, the Event Ad type is great to create a buzz and get more responses. Simply add the event ad to your Facebook Business Page. This is an excellent choice if your campaign objective is engagement.

7. Property Offer Ads

Post this type of Facebook Ad to grab the attention of your audience with special deals and discounts on real estate services and property. Customize your holiday deal or other offers with a specific call-to-action.

8. Lead Generation Ads

In a traditional lead generation conversion path, users are directed to a landing page where they fill out a form. The downside to this conversion path is that users are required to leave Facebook once they have clicked on the ad.

This makes Facebook Lead Ads useful for inbound marketers as it lets users fill out lead generation forms directly within the Facebook app, which is useful for consumers interested in real estate with specific needs and not sure where to begin.

9. Facebook Page Likes

Increase the number of likes on your Facebook Page with this tool. Keep in mind that you can also add a “like page” call-to-action option to other ad types if you want to accomplish two goals with one ad.

10. Facebook Post Engagements

Post Engagement ads allow you to drive more engagement on individual posts and expand their original reach. This also helps you generate more activity on your social media posts and to get more organic followers interested in real estate news and listings.

11. Real Estate Facebook Messenger Ads

The two advertising options in messenger are Ads in the Messenger Inbox and Ads in the Messenger Stories. They are compatible with Android and iOS and conveniently pop up in the user’s inbox or story feed. This is a great way to keep your real estate business at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Create Facebook Ads for Real Estate – Which Ad Type is Right for Me?

If you plan to create Facebook ads for real estate, there are a few things to keep in mind for choosing the best ad type.

First, define your campaign goal. This can be brand awareness, traffic, user engagement, app downloads, or messages.

Then, look at the different types and select one or multiple integrated ad types to fulfill your campaign goal. If you are unsure, consider an A/B test, also known as split testing. With this, you can run different campaign elements (text, design, ad type, etc.) to find out what resonates best with your audience and your campaign goal, for example, clicks or engagement.

Facebook Real Estate Ads Infos

Select the audience you wish to target and write the creative copy and assets. One fabulous feature of Facebook’s Ads Manager tool is the broad range of creative and layout options you have. Choose between image, video, photo grid, and carousel layouts, and customize your ads for mobile and desktop audiences. Finally, continuously test, analyze and improve your real estate Facebook Ads

In AdEspresso’s 2018 statistics, video ads have gained popularity, while links, photos, and events have remained steady or declined. Plan ahead! Whichever type of real estate Facebook Ad you decide to use, having a strategy behind your actions is essential.

7 Best Hacks in Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents (including Facebook Ads for Real Estate)

Discover the digital real estate marketing ideas and hacks specifically for the real estate industry. Beyond how to create Facebook ads for real estate, find out the role of digital marketing in real estate for your business, agency, or online platform.

If you are curious to learn how to search for and activate Chinese real estate investors, in particular, click here to find out more

1. Use Your Agency Website as Central Communication Point

To begin with, there is a sheer unlimited amount of social platforms, rating websites, and other online channels, where your business can shine.

However, since those are not your own sites, the rules can change at any time and you may not have any control over the content and the protection of your data anymore. Can you believe that only 26% of realtors have their own website?

2. Achieve Higher Ranks on Search Engines

Secondly, a main search ranking factor on Google – the biggest and for some the best search engine worldwide – for a local business is the proximity to the person submitting the search. This means, if someone searches for “real estate agent”, Google will return the closest local real estate businesses as the top results.

Tip: As Google now puts more emphasis on Google Reviews, having an updated Google My Business account can help you to rank higher on Google search results. And we all know: Having a good business is one thing, but your audience also needs to be able to find you. Stay ahead of your competition in the real estate markets!

Tip: Another way to achieve higher results on top search engines is SEO. Search engine marketing is a technique, which is often outsourced to a digital marketing agency, to avoid common SEO mistakes

3. Be Social on Social Media

Thirdly, people around the world love social media websites and mobile apps. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more. This certainly also applies to the real estate sector. Social media is easy, fun, and interactive to use.

Tip: Make sure to have an account on the top social media sites and be active! Create interesting content for your audience and publish updates on social sites regularly. Make sure to engage with your audience, and answer comments, and questions.

Most importantly, make sure that your listings can be shared easily, for example through the share button or messenger. Also ensure that you have an integrated social media marketing strategy, which links your activities to all your online channels, including your website.

4. Create Facebook Ads for Real Estate

As you probably know, Facebook is the most popular social media in the world with almost 2.4 billion users. While sharing listings and interesting real estate content for free, you might also want to consider Facebook Ads to boost your business with product placement.

Tip: Plan a Facebook Business Ads campaign depending on your goal and budget. Increase the outreach to potential clients and position your business as a top brand for your target audience.

5. Start a Blog to Connect with Your Target Audience

Next, creating relevant content is essential for every sector and business. However, in the real estate industry, blogging does not seem to have caught on yet. Only 23% of realtors have a blog.

Tip: There are many benefits of blogging for your business, including engaging with your audience and improving your ranking on search engines. Forward-thinking real estate professionals write about their city’s or country’s lifestyle, financing, education, healthcare system, and much more.

6. Use Video to Highlight Your Properties

Now, while videos are not new, the ease of access to technology and increased use of mobile devices make videos a powerful real estate marketing trend. So far, only 14% of realtors use video to promote their properties. And those who use it can generate revenue faster.

Tip: Create a virtual tour of your property with videos and/or drone shots to set yourself apart from other real estate agents. Make sure to showcase the highlights of your property, and to include a call to action at the end of your video.

Important: Make sure not to infringe any personal or property rights, and don’t film people who didn’t consent to it in writing.

Tip If you have an unfurnished property, the use of AR (Augmented Reality) is gaining relevance for potential clients to see it furnished and personalized. This technology can also be interesting for potential buyers who live too far away from the property.

7. Develop a Real Estate Email Newsletter

Finally, email marketing has benefits to the recipient and the sender. The recipient gets access to top property listings, maybe even before they are publically listed, and other relevant information.

The sender, in this case, your licensed real estate business, can grow its network and build an audience list. Make sure to follow the GDPR law to ensure the protection of personal data.

Tip: Publish a regular real estate newsletter via email. You can highlight your latest listings and other useful news. Make sure to link to your website, blog, and other online channels. With programs like MailChimp, it’s relatively easy to set up an online newsletter, even for tech newbies.

Tip: It’s no secret that location is one of the key factors in real estate. Even as information becomes more available, there are still gaps that search engines cannot fill. That’s where “hyper-localizing” as a real estate agent can put you ahead of your competition.

Your licensed real estate business will be more successful if you offer “one-stop-shopping solutions” like real estate financing services and work with local partners.

Now you know the 7 top real estate Facebook Ads hacks this year. China Gravy, the real estate digital marketing agency of your choice, revealed the benefits for your business and provided practical tips.

Create Facebook Ads for Real Estate to Boost Your Business

Selecting the right Facebook Ad type to achieve your specific campaign objective can be difficult. A specialized online marketing agency can support you with this and provide valuable practical tips. China Gravy is the digital marketing agency of your choice to save time, money, and energy. Work smart, not hard!

Our dedicated team will help you to get more attention online. Benefit from our integrated search marketing & social media management approach to increase your brand awareness, and boost leads, and sales. The positive effects will convince you. Plus, all of that at an affordable price – our services won’t break your bank!

Create Facebook Ads for Real Estate – The Takeaway

To sum it up, digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to promote your business. PPC, SEO (content marketing), and social media engagement take a bit of time to reveal their magic. Yet it certainly pays off in the long term run. Only language barriers are standing in your way of achieving successful real estate Facebook Ads.

The above digital marketing trends in real estate Facebook Ads certainly are practical, profitable, and forward-thinking. Get ahead of the competition today to thrive with your business tomorrow!

We are here for you!

China Gravy specializes as a real estate digital marketing consultant. We provide results-driven digital marketing services to make your life easy and save you time, energy, and money. Our digital agency services are affordable and won’t break your bank.

We help you to conquer the Chinese market, create Facebook ads for real estate and attract Chinese consumers.

We can not only help with the language component but also set up campaigns in Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as pre-qualify leads by focusing on lead generation and Messenger Ads.

Do you want to unlock the advantages of digitalization in business? Test our digital marketing services with our FREE CONSULTATION! Our marketing team is looking forward to hearing from you.

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