8 Secrets on How to Find Investors in China for Your Real Estate Project

How to find Chinese Real Estate Investors

Are you a property owner, real estate developer, agency, or agent wondering how to find investors in China? Are you excited to tap into the potential of the largest economy in the world with a GDP (PPP) of more than 25 trillion USD?

We have all the answers you need! In this week’s China Gravy blog article, discover 8 insider tips on how to find Chinese investors for your real estate project. Lift the potential of your development project – whether it is a residential apartment or house, commercial building or a plot of land!

Investing in Overseas

More than 800 million internet users in the country make China the world’s largest online community. Paired with the Chinese annual GDP growth rate of over 6%, China is one of the most attractive markets in the world.

So why not consider this market when seeking investors for your real estate project? Ideally, you start thinking about and looking for investors for your project before or at the beginning of your development.

Now, if you are planning to market your investment opportunity to Chinese property investors, in particular, you first need to understand Chinese consumers. Good news! You have come to the right place for marketing advice China!

Find out more on how to target Chinese buyers and China Gravy’s 7 best tips for doing business in China.

How to Find Investors in China for Your Real Estate Project

Without further ado, let’s get started, so you can find Chinese investors! Start your China market entry strategy today! Whereas physical promotions, for example at fairs and exhibitions, have high relevance in China, we are focusing on online promotion in this blog article.

8 Secrets on How to Find Investors in China for Your Real Estate Project - China Gravy 2

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1. Develop a Chinese website for finding investors in China

To offer your houses, apartments, offices, land, and more for sale, you should start by setting up a quality .cn website in China in Chinese. An expert Chinese web design company can help you with this if you wish to outsource this time-consuming task. If you want to create your own website, we recommend you to read this article on how to build a website for Chinese customers in particular.

Next, you have to host your website. Since your target audience is in China, hosting your website in China or Hong Kong will help you to pass the Great Firewall of China (with an ICP license if you are hosting in China). Learn more about Chinese censorship and how to overcome this hurdle here.

Tip: Start a blog to provide added value for potential investors and achieve a better ranking on search engines.

2. Rank first on search engines to find investors in China

Baidu is the equivalent of Google and the most popular Chinese search engine. Optimizing the content on your website for Baidu, so-called search engine optimization or Baidu SEO, will help potential investors to find your investment opportunities. The best part is that by optimizing your content, your website will also rank higher on other search engines like Sogou, which also scans WeChat content.

Tip: Discover all Baidu SEO tools in this ultimate Baidu SEO guide in the blog articles of your trusted Baidu SEO agency – China Gravy. Note that real estate SEO is the same as SEO in any other industry. 

Tip: Consider pay-per-click advertising on Baidu for quick results. But keep in mind this is also costly.

3. Be active on Chinese social media to find Chinese investors

WeChat, Sina Weibo, and TikTok are among the most popular Chinese social media platforms. Being active on these platforms and sharing engaging content will help you to reach millions of potential buyers.

Also consider WeChat advertising (details here) as well as advertising on Sina Weibo and TikTok to boost your real estate, property, land plot, and other development opportunities.

Tip: Influencers are very powerful in China. Learn how to collaborate with Wanghong.

4. Join WeChat groups to get investors in China

WeChat is China’s biggest social network with more than 1 billion monthly active users. It is a must-have app for everything in China. You can communicate with potential buyers (for example, share floorplans), set up live video streams, and share photos of the properties you are offering. This is particularly important for overseas property, where potential investors can’t easily and quickly stop by to take a personal look.
Then there are “WeChat Groups”, which focus on a specific area of interest and can have up to 500 people. Tap into these communities with exciting content to create interest. You can also consider creating your own WeChat Group.

5. Answer questions on Zhihu

Zhihu compares to Quora, a community-based Chinese question-and-answer website. By answering questions related to investment, real estate, financial regulations, and more, you add value for the readers, improve search engine ranking, and have the possibility to direct readers to your website.

6. Engage with Chinese property forum users

Peer-to-peer advice is very popular in China. This is also true for Chinese investors and business people. Property forums like World Fang, Juwai, and Anjuke connect Chinese property buyers with estate agents.

They have active communities, with which you can interact. Besides, these websites offer practical marketing packages to choose from. Testimonials and reviews from existing customers can boost your website and the offers on it.

Tip: This is a great way to start targeted marketing! You can create traffic on your website and WeChat business page, by asking questions on the forums and answering them. Besides useful information make sure to include your website link in your answer to direct forum users to your website!

7. Form partnerships

By partnering with companies offering immigration services in your home country and abroad, you can offer additional useful services for potential buyers.

As this is typically commission-based, you receive income without much extra work once the basic setup is done. In addition, this will provide you with additional reach and exposure to a wider audience at basically no cost, because your partners invest in marketing the services.

Tip: Take a look at this China Real Estate Agent Contact List, a must-have for overseas real estate developers and agencies to connect with Chinese immigration agencies, immigration law offices, and platforms quickly and easily. Market your properties to a variety of Chinese investors who are eager to purchase real estate in attractive global investment immigration destinations.

8 Secrets on How to Find Investors in China for Your Real Estate Project - China Gravy 3

Now you have learned how to find investors in China, what Chinese property investors value, and how they find and select their investment properties. Start acquiring Chinese investment now!

8. Get Help!

If you are not sure where to start and rather hire a real estate digital marketing expert, contact the digital marketing agency of your choice. This will help you to save time and money.

Finding Investors in China – The Takeaway

You have now learned 8 tips on how to find investors in China for your real estate project. From setting up your own Chinese website to SEO for Baidu and other relevant Chinese search engines, being active on Chinese social media, forming partnerships, and being present on dedicated forums – you know it all!

China Gravy is your trusted Chinese digital marketing agency and real estate SEO expert. We are excited to help you with the setup of your Chinese website, hosting and creation or localization of fresh content. 

As a China marketing agency, we know how to maximize SEO China results and master Chinese social media with a focus on WeChat. We are also happy to assist you with digital marketing in general, for example, engaging with communities on Zhihu and Chinese property forums.

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