How Chinese Business Consultants Boost Your Business

how chinese business consultants can boost your business

Foreign companies aspiring to enter the Chinese market and established businesses sharpening their brand in the Middle Kingdom may seek the advice of established Chinese Business Consultants.

These consulting firms have in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market, and its culture and can offer one-stop solutions for everything around business set-up and digital marketing in the Middle Kingdom.

In this article by China Gravy, your expert for Chinese consulting services, we explore the Chinese business landscape, the chances for the future, and the opportunities for your business in the Middle Kingdom.

The Chinese Business Landscape

Companies in China are rapidly evolving and acquiring new competencies. In fact, Chinese marketers have mastered the art of uniquely addressing China’s mobile-first consumer with tailormade campaigns.

With the growing number of investments around the world to secure political and economical power and influence, China as the largest economy in terms of GDP (PPP) expands its leading position.

Likewise, China’s Belt and Road Initiative to connect the East and West, as well as programs like “Made in China 2025” boost the economy in the Middle Kingdom.

However, recent political, economical, and socio-cultural events are changing the way we used to live, work, and do business.

China Business Learnings from Covid-19

For instance, the current Coronavirus pandemic accounts for hundreds of thousands of dead and widespread economic losses. In particular, industrial production and manufacturing are facing a severe crisis with losses of up to 94% (motor vehicles).

At the same time, the pharma and medical supply industries were identified as one of the very few “winners” of this crisis. Traders for masks, ventilators, and personal protective equipment (PPE) that were able to connect reliable manufacturers with ready-to-buy customers for short-notice bulk purchases, could save lives by doing their job and expand their business at the same time.

This underlines a trend, which will only gain relevance in the future: quickly adapting to new demands and situations, having a reliable network of trustworthy high-quality suppliers, and the ability to fulfill the requirements of international customers.

China’s Economy: Beyond World Factory

In the past, the Middle Kingdom was often referred to as the “world factory”. In fact, in the 21st century, China has become the largest exporting nation in the world. As such, the Middle Kingdom’s goal is to move away from being the “world’s factory” for cheap, low-quality goods like textiles and electronics.

Instead, in the future, China aims at producing high-value goods and services, for example, for the aerospace and semiconductor sectors. However, sourcing products from China is not only attractive for international B2B companies.

Even SMEs and individuals like Amazon sellers can benefit from China’s new production uprise. There are a variety of options for getting goods from China – drop shipping, reselling, white labeling, and creating your own product.

Click here to find out more about how you can source existing products or manufacture your own goods in the Middle Kingdom. The Chinese business consultants at China Gravy are happy to help you with this.

Hong Kong Protests for Autonomy

Likewise, the 2019/2020 protests in Hong Kong for democratic reform and independence from China hold opportunities for businesses.

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To date, Hong Kong is a special administrative region controlled by China under the “one country, two systems” arrangement. However, to gain more autonomy, democracy, and rights, Hong Kong’s citizens are now raising their voices.

At the same time, more and more residents opt to leave their homes temporarily or seek citizenship of other countries to permanently live a more free and democratic life.

As such, immigration agencies are the “winners” of these protests. They offer so-called golden visas for residency by investment in other countries. Another popular programs are citizenship by investment, often through real estate.

Destinations like Cyprus, Portugal, and Spain are particularly attractive due to their geographic location and EU membership.

In Europe, Cyprus is particularly attractive due to its affordable investment program. The Cyprus Permanent Residency Permit (PRP) can be obtained through a property investment of at least 300,000 Euros. The Citizenship by Investment Program requires a total investment of at least 2.15 million Euros.

China as E Commerce Leader

To begin with, China’s gigantic market size and innovation potential make it one of the most attractive e commerce markets worldwide.

With a volume of almost 2 trillion USD in 2019 (plus 27% compared to 2018), China is the largest e commerce market in the world. E Commerce accounts for around a quarter of the country’s total retail sales volume.

And yet, China’s digital market is not fully saturated yet. Especially foreign products have a special appeal to Chinese consumers. In general, a higher quality, exclusiveness, and luxury as well as a higher safety standard (through stricter testing) are associated with these imported goods.

To specify, products for babies (like formula), organic food and beverages, as well as luxury fashion, jewelry, and accessories are in high demand.

A specialized China digital marketing consultant like China Gravy can help you to lift this potential.

Cross-Border E Commerce

So, cross-border e commerce (CBEC) is the preferred way for foreign brands to sell their products in the Chinese market.

That’s because CBEC has a specific regulation: international companies can sell their products to Chinese customers at favorable duty rates and without a license to operate a business in the country. The most popular CBEC marketplaces are Kaola, Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, VipShop, RED, and Pinduoduo. Chinese business consultants can help you get set up on these platforms so you can start selling to China.

This includes niche items like cruelty-free products, for which the demand is skyrocketing, and which are a highly popular CBEC category. Until early 2021, animal testing was required by law for cosmetic products imported to and sold in the Middle Kingdom. Since 1 May 2021, this law has been removed.

Animal testing is no longer required for general cosmetics imported into China, as long as they meet certain other requirements like quality certification and safety assessment. This opens new avenues to sell and distribute cosmetics in China beyond the CBEC model.

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This policy is only slowly being adopted. Until the cruelty-free market is fully open, cross-border e commerce is the only way to sell vegan cosmetics and beauty brands in mainland China.

To sum it up, China has the largest population in the world, a rising middle class, and an 8.6% increase in consumption in 2019. Therefore, entering the Chinese market with your business is worthwhile considering.

Changes for the Future from Your Chinese Business Consultants

As history has shown, after every recession, recovery will follow. Often, with greater economic growth. In particular, industries like e commerce, tourism, education, real estate, and trade will benefit from China’s new uprise.

This is especially interesting for Western business owners, aspiring to tap into the world’s most booming economy, often with the help of China digital marketing consultants.

China E Commerce

Businesses with a physical presence in China can sell their products on Chinese e commerce platforms directly. The largest platforms are Tmall China,, Kaola, and Xiao Hong Shu (RED).

Alternatively, for businesses without a physical presence, and for specialty products – as stated above – cross-border e commerce platforms are a great way to reach Chinese consumers.

Working with Daigou and influencers is a great way to reach these customers, who long for authenticity and relationships.

Let’s take a look at the tourism, education, real estate, and trading sector.

Chinese Tourism

Chinese nationals are spending more on outbound travel than any other country. For example, in 2019 the total consumption volume of Chinese travelers abroad exceeded 127 billion USD (plus 17% compared to 2018).

As a result, targeting these travelers with tailor-made products and services is an attractive niche. Advertising on WeChat and offering digital payment solutions (AliPay, WeChat Pay) is key to attract Chinese vacationers. Contact the Chinese business consultants at China Gravy today to learn about the possibilities of marketing to Chinese travelers.


Foreign universities that attract international students can benefit from China’s need for high-quality education and the reputation of attending an international university.

In fact, more than 660,000 Chinese study abroad, a number which is growing by around 8%.

Real Estate

As residents of Hong Kong and China seek foreign citizenship as an option into more democratic and free nations, immigration programs through real estate become more and more popular.

In Europe, Cyprus, Greece, and Montenegro attract thousands of investors every year with their attractive permanent residency and citizenship by investment programs.

Trading Companies

International B2B and B2C businesses can benefit from China’s improving production capabilities. Sourcing products from China for Chinese and international markets are becoming more and more attractive.

To sum it up, China holds great business potential for many international companies. So, you may wonder, how marketing consultants for Chinese businesses can help your business to develop and grow. Let’s explore this now!

Chinese Business Consultants

Working with Chinese business consultants takes stress and burden off your shoulders. A professional China online marketing company like China Gravy provides you with a one-stop solution to conquer the Chinese market.

While many Chinese business consulting firms and agencies provide strategic advice on the Chinese market, it is often either marketing or legal advice or another specialized area.

China Gravy offers you the whole package as a specialized China digital marketing consultant – everything you need for entering the Chinese market from one source.

1. Chinese Business Set-Up Consulting

From the type of business you need for the Chinese market to the Chinese website of your company including translations – we’ve got you covered. We also know how to surpass the Great Firewall of China if your business is located outside of mainland China.

For example, opening a Representative Office (Rep Office) in China is one of the most popular options for foreign businesses entering the Chinese market. It’s a simple and fast option for overseas businesses to set up an operation in China. It allows a foreign company to engage in market research or business operations in China. However, they are not allowed to make a profit.

Alternatively, a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) offers more options. It is a common investment vehicle for businesses in mainland China. Foreign parties (individuals or businesses) can incorporate a foreign-owned LLC. WFOEs are unique in the sense that the involvement of a mainland Chinese investor is not required.

2. HR: China Recruiting & Training

An expert for the Chinese market with an established network can help you to find qualified professionals in China according to your needs and budget.

An agency like China Gravy can help you with this. Additionally, we provide trainings for local and international employees on the specifics of the Chinese business environment, culture, and language.

3. China E Commerce Market Expertise

Consultants in China like China Gravy know exactly which platforms are suitable for your niche – from cross-border e-commerce platforms like Tmall Global to Chinese social media apps like WeChat and TikTok/Douyin.

We also connect you with Daigou sellers to promote your imported luxury goods in China. If you are looking to source products from China, we connect you with reliable high-quality suppliers.

4. Chinese Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

China SEO and PPC (pay-per-click ads) on Baidu, WeChat marketing, influencer marketing, and Chinese PR are powerful tools to promote your business in the Middle Kingdom. If you don’t know where to start, consulting companies like China Gravy are here for you!

5. Chinese Business Culture & Language Consulting

China Gravy as an experienced China consulting group can assist you with in-depth knowledge of China and its culture. Learn about the many specialties related to doing business in the Middle Kingdom, and find out how to reach Chinese consumers.

From relationship building (guanxi) to respect and seniority, our local consultants also speak Mandarin to help you with your correspondence. In fact, according to estimates, less than 1% of mainland Chinese have conversational English skills.

From trademark registration to shipping solutions, and payment integration – we are excited to do this as your China consultant for you.

7. China Business Tailormade Solution Consulting

You didn’t find what you are looking for? Contact us to get you started in the Chinese market.

International businesses, from start-ups to established enterprises, can benefit from marketing in China. Boost your business with China Gravy today!

Chinese Business Consultants – The Takeaway

China’s business landscape is changing. It is a very competitive market, rapidly growing and spreading out. From the Coronavirus-pandemic and the Hong Kong protests to an evolving e commerce market – the way we live, work, and do business is changing.

Professional Chinese business consultants can help you with one-stop solutions for every step along the way. From the market entry in the Middle Kingdom to expertise in the Chinese e commerce landscape, and cultural and language specialties.

Our clients benefit from our industry expertise and can trust our results-oriented solutions and successful business services. We at China Gravy are an experienced business consulting firm, dedicated to advance your business. Send us a message and tell us about your project and vision.

Do you want to know more about advertising in China, including PR consultancy and working with influencers? Take a look at our blog on China digital marketing.

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