China Visibility Audit

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Assess your online brand positioning in China

China Visibility Audit
Whether you’re a global B2B or B2C business that is new in the Chinese market or long-established, this China Visibility Audit by the China experts at China Gravy shows you where you are doing well and where you could improve your digital China marketing strategy (and how).


Improve your online presence in China so business partners and clients can easily find you and get in touch with you.


  • We check your Chinese website for compliance and completeness as well as indexation and rankings on Baidu, Sogou, 360, Shenma and Toutiao
  • We check your Chinese social media profiles on WeChat, Douyin, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and others upon request for completeness, followers, content, and engagement
  • We analyze how strong your brand is in China
We provide
  • specific recommendations on how to improve your existing online appearance (website, social media platforms) to increase visibility, attract more visitors, and boost engagement
  • knowledgeable insight based on our own experience on which additional (ecommerce) platforms you can present your business and how to market it to boost your sales in China
Contact the China experts at China Gravy today to redeem your FREE consultation and get your personalized quotation depending on your specific situation, requirements, and goals. For a more comprehensive analysis of your niche, take a look at China Gravy’s competitor analysis package.

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