China Fitness Influencer Contact List

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Boost your brand in China with specialized fitness influencers on Douyin and Xiaohongshu

China Fitness Influencers

Who is this for?
Are you an established fitness/health brand in China seeking to grow your audience and reach in the Middle Kingdom? Or is your business new in China, and you are looking for ways to enter this booming market in your fitness/health niche (sportswear, supplements, workout gear, weight loss, etc.)?

Achieve your goals for China to bring more attention to your products in China, get new followers on the popular Chinese social media platforms Douyin (the Chinese TikTok) and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book, the Chinese Instagram), and ultimately sell more products in the Middle Kingdom.

Why Influencer Marketing?
KOL influencer marketing is one of the most cost-efficient and trending ways to connect with your target audience in China.

In particular, collaborating with fitness influencers on China’s trending short-video app Douyin (the equivalent to TikTok in the Western world) connects you with a young ready-to-buy audience with a significant disposable income, and who are affine to foreign products, and especially in the health and fitness niche.

Likewise, collaborating with fitness influencers on the “Instagram of China”, Xiaohongshu connects you with a young audience who is frequently on this social commerce platform and engages very actively on topics around health and beauty, particularly from abroad.

Easily and quickly connect with Chinese fitness influencers (female, male) to market your products hassle-free to your Chinese target audience, who is already interested in health/fitness!

Your Advantages

1. Lifetime access to a dynamic agency list at one-time cost
2. This handy and well-structured influencer list was hand-picked and compiled manually by our China experts. This sets it apart from other paid-service Chinese websites that simply scan directories and compile information automatically without verifying its content for accuracy and legitimacy.
3. Our China specialists are constantly growing and updating the Douyin & Xiaohongshu fitness influencer list, making it easy for you to connect with potential KOL partners WeChat to negotiate in-kind, flat-fee or commission-based agreements for sponsored posts.
4. Collaborating with fitness influencers in China is particularly interesting for international companies in the health/fitness niche that are (1) new to the Chinese market or (2) have a limited search engine and social media marketing budget for China.
5. Our list consists of 150+ contacts on both platforms.
6. We include the account name, gender, followers, received Likes, and if possible a personal WeChat ID for direct contact (just keep in mind that the bigger influencers only have contact information of MCNs (multichannel Network advertising companies).

Next Steps
Are you keen to get started? Contact China Gravy for more information and to purchase the list. If you like, we can also assist you with establishing contact with your selected influencer(s), and negotiate the best partnership terms for you (additional costs may apply).

* Good to Know
Douyin collaborates with a dedicated influencer broker platform (Xingtu), where you can connect directly with your influencer (mostly through MCN companies). Douyin acts as an intermediary on commission-basis. This can be interesting for larger companies with a bigger Chinese marketing budget.

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