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Simply Understand China

China Business Consultation
Do you want to lift the astronomic potential of the Chinese market, but don’t know how to get started? Learn everything you always wanted to know about the Chinese market with the experts at China Gravy. Expand the knowledge on China for your business:


  • China marketing (lead and sales generation)
  • Chinese social media and search engine landscape + brand opportunities
  • Server/Website in China
  • Intercultural training on Chinese business culture and language
  • Preparation for fairs, exhibitions, and partner acquisition in China (B2B)
  • Management of Chinese staff + team development
  • Expatriate training
  • Conflict management in China
  • Train the trainer
Wherever you are in the world, whether your are prefer an individual consultation or a team workshop – the experts at China Gravy here for you. All consultations are personalized to your specific individual and business needs! We work digitally and offer our consultations at your timezone convenience via Zoom, Google Meet, or any other platform you prefer. Our team has more than 8 years of personal and direct experience in this booming market through living in China, our own projects, as well as clients’ projects.


Cost: 120$/hour


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Do you want to boost your business with marketing in China? With China Gravy’s FREE consultation you can get to know us better and we are excited to hear about your project! We’ll share our industry insights and develop together Chinese marketing and ecommerce strategies for your business.
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