China Distributor Sourcing

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Connect with Chinese distributors to sell your products in China

China Distributor Sourcing
Are you an international business aspiring to sell your products in the Chinese market? One option is to sell your products B2C through Chinese influencers or directly through Chinese cross-border e-commerce platforms.
In case you want to focus on the wholesale business to save costs at the beginning (marketing, shop etc.), then working with a Chinese distributor may be an excellent choice for you. This is an inexpensive China market entry strategy that requires little effort on your side.


Your benefits
  • Sell your products in mainland China and the Greater China area
  • Collaborate with B2B distributors/wholesalers who then market and sell your products to a Chinese audience
  • No further To Dos on your side: the distributors will market and push your products
  • Minimal risk for you as Chinese distributors buy B2B in bulk and receive their margin through reselling the products
  • Enter the Chinese market quickly without a lengthy strategy to build reach
Our service for you
  • After your briefing, we research and compile up to 30 potential distributors for you; we also include their background and contact information, as well as rate and recommend the potential distributors; in the end, it’s up to you who you collaborate with
  • If you wish, we can establish the first contact for you and facilitate the initial meetings in Chinese and English language
  • In case you wish to complement your China marketing strategy, we can also help you to set up/optimize your website in Chinese language, and create an online shop for the Chinese market
Conquer the Chinese market today with this simple and straightforward China market entry! The distributor/wholesaler model is inexpensive, quick, and bears minimal risks. Contact China Gravy for your free and individual quote.


*platforms we will check: 1688, Chinese Search Engines, WeChat, Baidu B2B, Alibaba,, Google 

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