How to leverage China B2B Partnerships to boost your business

China B2B partnerships

China B2B partnerships help your business to expand and secure success in this booming yet competitive market. 

As the “Middle Kingdom” is a booming yet highly competitive market, strategic China business development is crucial for prosperity. 

For outsiders, the cultural nuance and specialties of the Chinese business landscape, and, most importantly, the ever-changing business regulations may be complex and hard to keep track on. However, this is crucial to establish well-connected and well-rounded business partnerships in China that work hand in hand with you to expand and secure your business success in China.

Let the specialists at China Gravy show you how to fulfill your goals in elevating your brand presence and awareness, growing your business, and boosting sales. 

China Gravy’s Approach

We deeply understand the Chinese market and lift its potential with our unique multi-faceted approach, broken down into six steps that build upon each other.

  1. Localization and branding (translation, culture)
  2. Digital marketing (SEM, SEO, email)
  3. China B2B partnerships
  4. Digital advertisement (WeChat, Baidu)
  5. Performance measurement and analytics (Baidu analytics)
  6. Full-scale marketing expansion in China (media, events)

Today, we will take a deep dive into China B2B partnerships as an integral stepping stone to entering the Chinese market.

Understanding the Chinese Market

China has the fastest-growing GDP and is estimated to become the largest economy worldwide by 2035, surpassing the United States. Before we delve into the details of B2B collaboration in China, it’s important to understand the specialties of the Chinese market.

As the highest-populated country in the world and with its diverse culture and commerce landscape, China offers immense opportunities for business growth. However, navigating this unique market requires a tailored approach, for which B2B partnerships are a key component for success.

Examples – B2B Market Entry China

These are real-life examples of B2B partnerships that China Gravy successfully facilitated over the last few years:

Overseas real-estate companies that aspire to partner with Chinese local agencies, brokers, or investment and immigration offices. 

  • Identification of major Chinese real-estate brokerages, investment and immigration agencies
  • Establishment with synergistic partnerships with these key actors
  • Organization of roadshows in mainland China to promote overseas real estate
  • Negotiation of contracts, including commission, partnership model, and workflow

International educational institutions like universities and academic programs (summer-winter camps, technical workshops) that wish to collaborate with Chinese education facilities, organizations, and groups.

  • Identification of key institutions with joint programs and other suitable groups like study abroad agencies and language centers
  • Development of  referral deals and systems
  • Connection to key decision makers, like head of  international programs, school counselors, or head of marketing
  • Presentation of programs to key decision makers and engagement for collaboration

Global hospitality businesses teaming up with Chinese travel agencies and tour operators.

  • Research of international travel trends based on the destination of the client
  • Determination of unique selling points of the client
  • Identification of potential partner in Chian
  • Development of an engaging business proposal 
  • Connection to key decision makers, presentation of proposal, and engagement for collaboration
  • Facilitation of high-level meetings between key decision makers of both parties

To sum it up, we help service-based industries around the world to boost their business from and to China through research and Identification of potential partners, engagement and relationship building, as well as negotiation and partnership establishment.

7 Steps for China B2B Partnerships

Over the past decade of our experience in China business development, we have gained a deep understanding of the market and witnessed the challenges of foreign companies entering the Chinese market with traditional B2B methods. 

We are excited to share our insights into successfully establishing B2B partnerships from and to China. These are the seven critical steps to unlock B2B opportunities in China.

  1. Identifying Potential Partners
  2. Establishing Initial Contact
  3. Building Relationships
  4. Negotiating and Formalizing Partnerships
  5. Collaborative Marketing and Promotion
  6. Training and Support
  7. Monitoring and Evaluating Partnerships

Let’s dive right in.

1. Identifying Potential Partners 

As a first step, it is crucial to understand who you want to work with, and why. Do they have an excellent reputation, large market share, a specific audience demographic, or other perks that you want to tap into? 

Use Baidu and WeChat to scan for Chinese companies, agencies, firms, and other relevant organizations in your industry to identify partners that hold synergistic potential for your business.

2. Establishing Initial Contact

Once potential partners are agreed upon, the next step is contacting them. Make sure to create a concise partnership proposal, which emphasizes the mutual benefits of your collaboration. 

In China, the mode of communication is WeChat and the official social media accounts of the brand or business you wish to collaborate with. Keep in mind that English may not be spoken by everybody, and that email is less commonly used in China.

For cold calls in Chinese language, personal connections, events, and more, you may require the assistance of a China specialist.

3. Building Relationships

As you may know, in Chinese culture, relationships hold immense significance. To build long-lasting and impactful relationships, a tailored approach is recommended.

This can include several face-to-face meetings, attending China business networking events, and actively networking with potential partners. Building a strong relationship is the foundation for successful B2B collaborations in China.

4. Negotiating and Formalizing Partnerships

Negotiation is an art, especially when it comes to business partnerships. If you require assistance with this step, an experienced B2B matchmaker like China Gravy can help. Engaging an expert who speaks the language in the negotiation process can be the deciding factor for success.

The experts at China Gravy are experienced in negotiating mutually favorable terms while prioritizing our client’s needs and interests. We formalize these terms and conditions to ensure they fulfill jurisdictional requirements to create a legally binding agreement that sets the stage for a successful collaboration.

5. Collaborative Marketing and Promotion

After the above steps, joint digital marketing strategies can be developed to maximize reach in the Chinese market, enhance brand visibility and credibility.

Make sure to include the latest social media trends, data-driven insights, and market feedback.

6. Training and Support

Professional business representation considering cultural specialties is key to sustaining partnerships. You can seek online or offline courses and sources to train partners and clients. 

If you would like help with this step, the specialists at China Gravy can provide comprehensive training and support. This ensures that partners are well-equipped to represent your brand effectively, maintaining consistency and quality in service delivery.

7. Monitoring and Evaluating Partnerships

The journey doesn’t end with the establishment of partnerships; it evolves. Set up performance metrics and conduct regular review meetings with your B2B partners. 

This proactive approach allows for continuous improvement, ensuring that partnerships remain dynamic and responsive to market changes.

The Takeaway – China B2B Partnerships

To sum it up, China is a growing but competitive market. With the right approach, you can still grow your business from and to China. One way to do so is through B2B partnerships, which are particularly beneficial in the real estate and services industries.

China B2B partnerships help you to

  • raise brand awareness => expand customer base & access to high-potential clients
  • elevate brand presence => increase market penetration
  • grow your business => boost sales

Are you ready to skyrocket your business from and to China? As a top-tier digital marketing agency, China Gravy specializes in business matchmaking in China. Contact us for your free consultation.

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